My 2018 in Movies

Xīn nián kuài lè! January was a tough one for me. You know, in the brain department. It’s funny to say but it shows looking at my letterboxd. I watched too many movies, but they were almost all rewatches and almost all whatever was on demand. So, here’s some thoughts on what I watched in 2018--most … Continue reading My 2018 in Movies


Costume Appreciation: Fashionable Patriotism in The 1940s Superman Cartoons

When Fleischer Studios got on making Superman cartoons, in partnership with Paramount, the United States hadn’t yet formally entered World War II. At the end of 1941, the Fleischer brothers, Max and Dave, broke up with each other and their eponymous studio and Paramount reorganized it into Famous Studios. As you may remember, that’s also … Continue reading Costume Appreciation: Fashionable Patriotism in The 1940s Superman Cartoons

The Twilight Zone & Classic Hollywood

The Twilight Zone was a breeding ground for fresh talent in speculative fiction and, more broadly, in film and television. Lists pop up here and there every year around marathon time that focus on episodes featuring performers on TZ before they were famous. (I even put together a list a little along those lines last … Continue reading The Twilight Zone & Classic Hollywood

Noirvember the 6th: The Locket (1946)

The Locket (1946) 20 December 1946 | 85 min. | B&W   Director: John Brahm Writer: Sheridan Gibney Cinematographer: Nicholas Musuraca What stands out about The Locket, upon first reflection, is its plot structure. It’s often the main feature people discuss about the film. The Locket’s story is told through nested flashbacks that spiral back … Continue reading Noirvember the 6th: The Locket (1946)

Noirvember the 5th: Lured (1947)

Lured (1947) 5 September 1947 | 102 min | B&W Director: Douglas Sirk Writer: Leo Rosten (screenplay) and Jacques Companéez, Ernst Neubach, & Simon Gantillon (story) Cinematographer: William H. Daniels Like many Americans, I grew up on a whole lot of I Love Lucy. Around my teenage years, I started seeking out more of Lucille … Continue reading Noirvember the 5th: Lured (1947)

Noirvember the 4th: The Lodger (1944)

The Lodger (1944) 19 January 1944 | 84 min. | B&W Director: John Brahm Writer: Barre Lyndon (screenplay) and Marie Belloc Lowndes (novel) Cinematography: Lucien Ballard A Jack the Ripper Tale, The Lodger takes place in London, Whitechapel to be specific, around the 1880s. A man called Slade (Laird Cregar) takes a room with a … Continue reading Noirvember the 4th: The Lodger (1944)

Noirvember the 3rd: Out of the Past (1947)

Out of the Past (1947) December 1947 | 97 min. | B&W Director: Jacques Tourneur Writer: Daniel Mainwaring (credited as Geoffrey Homes) Cinematographer: Nicholas Musuraca It’s funny how great sets and cinematography can stick with you. There was a California-set suspense novel I was reading earlier this year and there was one scene I very … Continue reading Noirvember the 3rd: Out of the Past (1947)

Noirvember the 2nd: Fury (1936)

Fury (1936) 5 June 1936 | 92 min. | B&W Director: Fritz Lang Writer: Bartlett Cormack and Fritz Lang (screenplay) and Norman Krasna (story) Ripped from my very own DVD cabinet, Fury is an old favorite of mine. (I went through a Spencer Tracy phase in high school, didn’t everybody?) I think many of Fritz … Continue reading Noirvember the 2nd: Fury (1936)